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Spring Washer - DIN7980

Spring Washer - DIN7980

Material: Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel A2 A4

Product Details

Spring washer is used to prevent loose, plain washer does not have loose function, flat washer just increases contact area

Flat pad is only to increase the contact area, spring pad can prevent loose, such as the motor and the connection of the bolt general to add a spring pad, because the motor vibration if there is no spring pad, the nut will loosen the general vibration of the equipment on the fastener with a spring gasket, flange on the general need not to add Flange on the addition of spring gasket and the flow of the media in the pipeline, if it is easy to produce pulses, preferably with a spring gasket, as well as high-speed fluid, the caliber changes frequently. Don't generalize. Some valves, filling function pressure flange need to add a spring gasket. Spring gasket Fast and easy to select the automatic selection has included.

Flat pad is to increase the tightness of the contact area. Spring pads are used in places with vibrations to prevent loosening. Fastening the PVC flange without adding spring gasket. Flat pad is to increase the contact area, and prevent the friction between the bolts and the workpiece, spring pad is to prevent vibration loosening;

The main function of the flat washer is to protect the surface of the connecting piece from scratching the workpiece surface when the bolt nut is tightened; But some important connections, such as the main rely on the pressure to generate friction transmission power, is not the use of spring pad, with the use of the connection to reduce rigidity, the opposite is prone to accidents. Spring washers are not allowed. When the strength of the connector is lower with flat pad or flange bolts to increase contact area, flat pad is mainly to increase contact area, spring gasket is to prevent loose, in the vibration, pulse, medium temperature is relatively large fluctuations, must use the spring gasket. Spring pad can increase preload, there is a loose effect, and flat washer does not.


We Can Produce:
Material:Carbon Steel

Stainless Steel A2 A4
Surface:Plain ZP Black
Package:Bulk or Small box

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