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Flat Washer - DIN440

Flat Washer - DIN440

Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel A2 A4 or Brass

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Flat washer, mainly with iron stamping out, the shape is generally a flat washer, with a hole in the middle. This hole size specifications are generally based on customer requirements.

Plain washers are usually thin pieces of various shapes used to reduce friction, prevent leakage, isolate, prevent loosening, or disperse pressure. This component is used in many materials and structures to perform a variety of similar functions. With the material and process limitations of threaded fasteners, the supporting surfaces of bolts and other fasteners are not large, so the surface of the connected parts is protected by the compressive stress of the bearing surface, and the washer is used. To prevent the loosening of the connecting pair, the spring washer and the multi toothed lock washer, the round nut stop washer and the saddle shape, waveform and conical elastic washer are used.

Flat washers are mainly used to reduce the pressure, when some parts of the tightening of the axial force is very large, easy to make the washer into a disc, then can be used to material and improve the hardness to solve.


We Can Produce:
Material:Carbon Steel

Stainless Steel A2 A4

Surface:Plain ZP HDG
Package:Bulk or Small box

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