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Cross Recessed Countersunk Head Tapping Screw PZ - DIN7982

Cross Recessed Countersunk Head Tapping Screw PZ - DIN7982

Flat heads are countersunk (cone shaped under the head) with a flat top. Phillips drive is x-shaped for installation with a phillips screw driver.

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Cross Recessed Countersunk Head Tapping Screw PZ - DIN7982

    DIN 7982C is a cross recessed (Phillips) flat countersunk head tapping screws.

Countersunk head screws are mostly used in the need for installation. Parts of the surface can not be raised place. The fastening of the parts and thickness of two, the so-called thick, that is, the thickness of the fastening parts is greater than the thickness of countersunk head screw head, screw tightened. There are still some screw thread did not enter the threaded hole, this case, the countersunk head screws can be tightened. There is usually a situation in which the fastening of the part is less than the height of the countersunk head screw head, which is common in the mechanical equipment in the sheet metal parts, such as the hinge of the chassis and the connection between the door and the box; Because of the small thickness of the part, the fastening of the sheet metal parts, the screw hole is completely a cone hole, in this case, when the countersunk head screw is tightened, the screw head is not a cone pressing the sheet metal, but the screw head base part and the top of the threaded hole die, although the feeling screw is tightened, but the sheet metal is stuck instead of being pressed. In this case, although the feel screws are tightened, the sheet metal does not tighten. This is a very common situation. Again, the reason for the processing: countersunk head screws.

The head of the rounded vertebral body is a 90° cone angle. Usually the top of the new-bought bit is 118°-120°. Some lack of training workers do not know this angle, often directly with the 120° drill hole expansion, which causes the countersunk head screw tightening is not the head of the cone face. It is a thread at the bottom of the screw head, which is one of the reasons why the so-called countersunk head screws can't hold up.


We Can Produce:
Size:M2.2 - M8
Material:Carbon Steel

Stainless Steel A2 A4
Surface:Plain ZP
Package:Bulk or Small box

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