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Phillips Flat Head Machine Screw - DIN965

Phillips Flat Head Machine Screw - DIN965

Flat Head has a countersunk flat head with a cone-shaped bearing surface. Used in applications where the protrusion of the fastener about the bearing surface is unacceptable. Machine threads are used in pre-tapped hole or with a nut.

Product Details

Phillips Flat Head Machine Screws are commonly used in electrical equipment, electronic machinery, machinery and equipment, household appliances, digital products, water conservancy projects, decoration construction, and so on. They are generally metal screw wire pier dozen, after forming in the rubbing teeth, is cylindrical, head for flat, such as a round the side of the Screw tilt surface, Let the screws be locked with nut or other objects. Countersunk head screws with large diameter, can be round or hexagonal, so that tools such as screwdriver or wrench can rotate the screws. The protruding top also makes the screws not drill too deep through the material and increases the pressure of the screws on the material. They are usually free to remove or reseat without loss of efficiency, and are more powerful than nails and can be reused. Countersunk head screws Use the product material above, the head can completely sink down, the screw head does not obstruct the function.


We Can Produce:
Material:Carbon Steel

Stainless Steel A2 A4
Surface:Plain ZP
Package:Bulk or Small box

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