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Garland Rivets

Garland Rivets

Aluminum Material or Stainless Steel

Product Details

Garland rivet is widely used in all kinds of liquor, red wine, high-grade wine, food, gifts and other products packaging materials. Now the country has hundreds of white liquor factory will garland rivets used in wine products anti-counterfeiting packaging.

Pull the main role of Rivet is: as a product security firmware, effectively ensure product quality, as a security symbol, played a decorative and solid role.

It is specially used in bottle box, gift box, etc., can also be applied to riveting, brittle and soft structural materials made of structural parts, such as glass, rubber, plastics, corrugated, wood and thin metal structural parts.

After riveting, the rivet nail core will pull the Rivet nail body end into a four petal shaped rivet head, thus clamping the two riveted structural parts without crushing the surface of the structural parts.

Material:Carbon Steel Grade 4.8
Surface:Plain ZP
Package:Bundle or Carton(short size)

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