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Snap Hook - DIN5299D with Screw

Snap Hook - DIN5299D with Screw

Material: Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel A2 A4

Product Details

The spring type is fitted with a spring at one end of the valves. When used with rope, hoist, drop, flat belt and so on. In the field of fire protection, safety hooks are mainly used to protect firefighters from falling during operation and also for lifting systems (hauling system). In the engineering field, the use of safety hooks is mainly to protect the safety of high level builders. The safety hooks at each end of the rope are connected to a half ring on the seat belts, and the safety hooks on the other end are hooked on the other fixed buildings (anchor points). The parameters of the safety hook are working pull (WS) and blasting tensile (BS), and the parameters of the safety hooks are different according to the standard and the manufacturer.

We Can Produce:
Material:Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel
Package:Bulk or Small box

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