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European Type Large Dee Shackle

European Type Large Dee Shackle

Material: Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel A2 A4

Product Details

Use Range

Shackle is widely used in electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, machinery, railways, chemicals, ports, mines, buildings and other industries.

General requirements

1, the shackle should be smooth and flat, do not allow cracks, sharp edges, such as excessive burning defects.

2. It is strictly prohibited to use cast iron or cast steel shackle. Buckle body can be selected to calm steel forging, shaft PIN can be forged after machining machine.

3, should not be in the shackle of drilling or welding repair. The buckle body and the axle pin are permanently deformed and shall not be repaired.

4, when used, should check the buckle body and latch, no serious wear, deformation and fatigue cracks.

5. When using, the transverse spacing must not be tensile, the shaft pins should be inserted into the insurance pin.

6, the correct assembly of the shaft PIN, the buckle body width must not be significantly reduced, the thread connection is good.

7. The use of shackle shall not exceed the specified safety load.

We Can Produce:
Material:Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel
Package:Bulk or Small box

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