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Hexagon Weld Nut - DIN929

Hexagon Weld Nut - DIN929

Weld nuts can be paired under full load capacity with screws property class < 8.8 Carbon Steel Grade 6

Product Details

Hexagon weld nuts are hexagon-shaped nuts for welding. The shape is hexagonal, one side and hexagon nuts, the other side has three solder joints and a convex table. Three solder joints are used for welding, and the convex table is used for positioning.

Hexagon weld nut to connect. Use the welding machine to connect the hexagon welding nut to the mother, then use the screws to fix the needed object. General with the use of spot welder, welding performance, and efficient. This nut is widely used in automobile seats, sheet metal chassis cabinets, molds, ships, railways and other industries.

Hexagon Weld NUT solves the problem that the normal nut cannot fix the mother. The side of the nut has three solder joints and a round convex table. The convex table is used for positioning and solder joints are used for welding. First, flush the locating hole on the mother, position the nut's convex table on the hole, and then weld the nut to the matrix using the spot welder. Welding principle is a high-temperature melting nut three solder joints, so that solder joints melting on the mother, to achieve welding effect. This connection is a non removable connection.


We Can Produce:
Material:Carbon Steel Grade 6
Surface:Plain ZP Black
Package:Bulk or Small box

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