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Nylon Insert Stop Nuts

Nylon Insert Stop Nuts

Inch nylon insert nuts. Carbon Steel Grade 2 5 or Stainless Steel 304 316

Product Details

Nylon insert stop nut nut is a new type of high vibration-resistant and elastic-solid parts, which can be applied to various mechanical and electrical products of temperature -50~100℃. Aerospace、Aviation, tanks, mining machinery, automobile transport machinery, agricultural machinery, textile machinery, electrical products and all kinds of machinery for the nylon self-locking nut demand for a sharp increase, this is because its anti-vibration performance is much higher than other kinds of loose devices, and vibration life is several times even dozens of times times higher. At present, more than 80% of mechanical equipment accidents are caused by the loosening of fasteners, especially in mining machinery, and the use of nylon self-locking nuts can eliminate the major accidents caused by loose fasteners.


We Can Produce:
Material:Carbon Steel Grade 2 5

Stainless Steel 304 316
Surface:Plain Black ZP
Package:Bulk or Small box

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