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Why Are The Screws Always Hexagonal? Are There Four Corners And Five Corners?

Apr 23, 2018

Question: Why are the screws hexagonal?

Why do you rarely see triangular screws?

6-sided screw screw 60 degrees can be graphically restored

If the space is relatively small, as long as the wrench can be rotated 60 degrees to be able to install the screw, which is the product of twisting angle and side length after mutual compromise.

Just think: If it is a square, the length of the sides is long enough, but it is necessary to screw 90 degrees to restore the graphics, not suitable for installation in a small space; if it is octagonal or 10-shaped, the angle of the graphic reduction is small, but the length of the side of the force It is also small, easy to round; if it is a single-side screw, then the two sides of the wrench are not parallel, very early fork-shaped wrench, long side of the wrench head is a trumpet-shaped opening, seems not suitable work hard……

Also note that there is an angle between the head and handle of the wrench. If the space is smaller, flip the wrench forward and backward, as if only about 40 degrees of space can be screwed.

However, there are now socket wrenches, box wrenches, etc. The minimum tightening angle can be 15 degrees.

At last

How do you think sloth will screw?

Scythe7 Answer:

The Benefits of Hexagons Upstairs I have already said a lot, and I missed it all: There are also non-hexagonal screws and nuts.

For example, a nut that is used on the inside of a component and that is held against the component itself is made into a quadrilateral, which facilitates fixing itself by using the most common rectangular edges of the component.

Although the latter is square, it should be used in conjunction with special tools. Similar tools like sleeves do not require a small travel space, but they will require a large area of work, so it is not easy to skid, so that the quadrilateral will be better than The hexagon is easy to use and it is not easy to slip. After further alienation, there will be a gear shape in this picture.

In order to prevent misoperation or anti-theft needs, there will be more exotic bolts, such as this kind of triangle, can only be opened with a specific tool like a lock, the general wrench can be twisted square, but not the triangle, inconvenient It is its selling point. The internal pentagonal screw on the iPhone is for the same purpose.

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