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What Is The Principle Of The Expansion Bolt?

Aug 18, 2018

What is the principle of the expansion bolt?

The fixing principle of the expansion screw: The fixing of the expansion screw is to use the slanting inclination to promote the expansion to produce the frictional gripping force. The fixing effect is that the screw is threaded at one end, the outer side of the screw has a steel skin, and the iron cylinder has a plurality of incisions in half, and they are stuffed together. Go into the hole in the wall, then lock the nut. The nut pulls the screw out and pulls the vertebra into the steel cylinder. The steel cylinder is lifted up, so it is tightly fixed on the wall. It is generally used for the fence. , awnings, air conditioners, etc. are fastened on cement, brick and other materials. However, its fixing is not very reliable. If the load has a large vibration, looseness may occur, so it is not recommended to install a ceiling fan.

The principle of the expansion bolt is to hit the expansion bolt into the hole on the ground or wall surface, and then tighten the nut on the expansion bolt with a wrench, the bolt goes out, and the outer metal sleeve does not move, so the big head under the bolt is put The metal sleeve is opened so that it fills the entire hole, at which point the expansion bolt will not be pulled out.

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