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What Is The Main Role Of Spring Washers?

Jun 05, 2017

The role of spring washers is simple, is to prevent the spring metal directly with the cube contact wear. It was also said that the role of the spring washer is to limit the spring force. So what is the role of the spring washer in the end?

1, the role of spring washers rely on its elastic and oblique friction to achieve.

2, widely used for frequent disassembly of the connection to prevent the loosening of fasteners.

3, the internal gear elastic washer, external elastic rubber gasket on the circumference of a lot of sharp elastic teeth, stabbed in the bearing surface, can prevent the fasteners loose.

4, the internal gear elastic washers for the head of the smaller size of the screw head; external elastic washers for the first bolt and nut under the nut.

5, with a tooth elastic gasket than the ordinary spring washers small size, fasteners even force to prevent loose and reliable, but not for the often demolition office.

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