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What Are The Classification Of Hexagon Nuts

May 26, 2018

What are the classification of hexagon nuts?

Hexagon nuts are classified into I, II, and thin types according to the nominal thickness. Nuts of level 8 or higher are classified into two types: type 1 and type II.

The type I hex nut is the most widely used, and the type 1 nut is divided into A, B, and C grades, in which the A and B nuts are suitable for machines, equipment, and structures with small surface roughness and high precision requirements. Grade C nuts are used on machines, equipment or structures where the surface is rough and the accuracy is not high. Type 2 hex nuts are thicker and are often used where mounting and dismounting are often required.

A type 1 nut refers to a common hexagonal nut with a nominal height of the nut of m ≥ 0.8D, and its type size shall conform to the provisions of GB/T 6170;

The height of the type 2 nut is higher than that of the type 1 nut, and its type size should conform to GB/T 6175. The purpose of adding a type 2 nut is twofold: First, by increasing the height of the nut, a relatively inexpensive nut that does not require heat treatment is obtained.

Because the 8-stage, 1-type nut with D ≤ M16 does not require heat treatment, it is only available in the 8-stage nut with the specification D > M16-39.

Obviously, the type 1 nut that does not require heat treatment cannot meet the mechanical performance requirements of the 9th nut. Provides tougher grade 12 nuts when specifying another purpose of the Type 2 nut. As the height of the nut increases, a guaranteed stress index can be achieved at a lower quenched and tempered hardness, thus increasing the toughness of the nut.

According to pitch distance classification: standard teeth, regular teeth, fine teeth, very fine teeth and reverse teeth.

Classified by material: stainless steel hex nut and carbon steel hex nut, copper hex nut, iron hex nut.

Classified by thickness: hexagonal thick nuts and hexagonal thin nuts.

Classified according to use method: hot-melt copper nut, hot-pressed copper nut, embedded copper nut and ultrasonic copper nut

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