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What Are The Characteristics Of The Lock Washer?

Jun 05, 2017

The lock washers consist of two gaskets, with a radially convex surface on the outside and a helical face on the inside. The working principle is very simple: it is when the assembly, the medial oblique tooth surface between the opposite, the outer radial convex surface and the two ends of the contact surface into the state, when the connector is vibrated, and the bolt loosening trend, only two pads Medial oblique tooth surface between the relative dislocation, resulting in lifting tension, so as to achieve 100% locking effect. The lock washers can be used in all strong vibrating environments.


1, the highest safety performance

2, to prevent loosening due to vibration and dynamic load

3, easy installation and removal

4, the locking effect is not affected by lubrication

5, regardless of preload level have a good locking effect

6, you can control the level of preload

7, with the same standard bolt / nut temperature characteristics

8, can be reused

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