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US Imposes 25% Import Duties On Imported Steel Products

Mar 12, 2018

The Chinese iron and Steel Industry association is firmly opposed by President Trump's announcement of a full tax on all imported steel and aluminium products and a 25% per cent tax rate for steel products. This is the United States to protect the domestic steel industry for the implementation of trade protectionism, undermining WTO rules, disrupting international trade order.

This behavior is harmful to the global steel industry, but also seriously damage the interests of steel products consumers, especially American consumers, is harmful to others. Steel trade has become the hardest hit of Sino-US trade frictions in recent years. Before the US survey of Steel 232, dozens of anti-dumping and countervailing measures had been taken against more than 10 categories of products, covering almost all large steel products, with a high tax rate near prohibitive tariffs.

Trump's actions are a challenge to the world's steel industry and are bound to face wider opposition.

China's iron and steel Industry association has called on the Chinese government to take resolute measures against imports of stainless steel, galvanized sheets, seamless pipes and coal, agricultural products and consumer electronics from the United States. The China Iron and Steel Industry association has called for an industry-wide response to the US challenge. unswervingly in the restructuring, transformation and upgrading of China's steel industry to achieve both big and strong.


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