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US Besieged By WTO, EU Dissatisfied With 'temporary Exemption'

Mar 28, 2018

March 26, the European Commission issued a notice, decided to launch a safeguards survey of imported steel products.

The EU has said it would introduce three measures against U.S. steel tariffs, namely, a list of trade retaliation, a safeguard against imported steel products and a WTO reference to the United States. Wang He Jun, director of the Trade Relief Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce, pointed out that China understands the EU's actions necessary to deal with the tax measures taken by the United States against imports of steel and aluminium products. But the adoption of global safeguards is not the right choice, and will further aggravate the international trade chaos and panic caused by the US measures and cause a more devastating impact on the normal international trade order.

Wang He Jun also said China wants the EU to take prudent safeguards. 23rd, the United States formally announced that imports of steel and aluminum products will be fully taxed, the tax rate of 25% and 10%, and other six countries, including the European Union and other regions will be introduced in the U.S. Steel tariffs are "temporary exemption".

The waiver will last until May 1 this year, after which U.S. President Trump will decide whether to extend the exemption on the basis of consultations.

The same day, at the WTO Geneva Headquarters held a meeting of the Council of Trade in goods, including the 28 members of the European Union, more than 40 WTO members warned the United States to levy import steel aluminum tax not only affects trade business interests, but also will affect the WTO, the multilateral trading system stability and predictability.

The European Union pointed out that the United States to protect "national security" for the imposition of steel aluminum tariffs, in fact, only to support the development of domestic industries. EU holds spring summit in Brussels 23rd.

At the meeting, EU countries expressed strong dissatisfaction with the mere "temporary exemption" called on the United States to exempt the EU from steel and aluminum tariffs for a long time, and in the subsequent communiqué, reiterated that the United States will need to change the temporary exemption to long-term immunity, and the EU will protect its rights and interests, including under the WTO rules on the United States "appropriate and moderate response."

The French president, Macron, complained that the 40-day exemption was like "putting a gun on our heads". The Belgian prime minister, Charles Michel, also confided in European leaders ' disdain for Utramps's negotiating skills: "It is strange to negotiate with an ally in this way."

” The European Union asked the Trump government to remove the artificial deadline, and suggested that the negotiations between the Allies could not set an artificial deadline.

The European Commission's chairman, Jean-Claude Juncker, said he did not think it was realistic to agree on a deal between the 1 parties in May.

After the US announced tariffs on imports of steel, the EU has drawn up three steps of retaliatory measures, while actively negotiating with the US. On the European Union's decision to launch a safeguards survey of imported steel products, Wang He Jun said that the EU, as an important member of the WTO and a major force in the global trading system, should strengthen its cooperation with its members to oppose trade protectionism and refrain from action that undermines the global trade order. China is willing to strengthen communication and cooperation with all parties, including the European Union, to deal with the chaos caused by US measures to global steel and aluminium trade. He also said that China will carefully assess the impact of US-European measures on the country and will take appropriate measures if necessary to safeguard the interests of Chinese enterprises.

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