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Type Of Screw, Use

Jun 05, 2017

1) Slotted ordinary screws

Used for connection of smaller parts. It has pan head screws, cylindrical head screws, countersunk head screws and countersunk head screws.

Slotted ordinary screws

2) Hexagon and Hexagon Socketial Screws

The head of this type of screw can be embedded in the component, can exert greater torque, high connection strength, can replace the hexagonal bolts.

Hexagon and Hexagon Socketial Screws

3) Cross recessed ordinary screws

It is similar to the use of slotted ordinary screws, can replace each other, but the cross slot ordinary screw groove strength is higher, not easy to twist, shape is more beautiful.

Cross recessed ordinary screws

4) Ring screw

Ring screw is a kind of hardware fitting for load and transportation. When used, the screw must be screwed into the position where the support surface is tightly fitted, and it is not allowed to use the tool to tighten it or allow a load perpendicular to the plane of the ring.

Screw rings

5) Set screws

The set screw is used to hold the relative position of the machine. Screw the set screw into the screw hole of the part to be tightened and press it on the surface of the other part, ie fix the front part to the latter part.

Tighten the screws

6) tapping screws

When the tapping screw is used on the connector, the thread can be made without pre-threading. In the connection with the screw directly to attack the thread. It is often used to connect thinner metal plates. Its varieties have tapered tapping screws and blunt-end tapping screws two.

7) Self-tapping locking screws

Self-tapping locking screws not only have self-tapping, but also have low screw-in torque and high locking performance. Its thread is triangular cross-section, the surface of the screw after hardened, have a higher hardness. Its thread size is M2 ~ M12.

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