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To Promote The Development Of Major Short Board Equipment Innovation And Development Of Guidance Documents Will Be Issued

Apr 26, 2018

This year, while China continues to focus on the implementation of the “Made in China 2025” target, it will also intensify efforts to strengthen innovation, make up short boards, promote integration, optimize structure, expand opening, and create a market environment. We will promote guidance documents for the development and innovation of major short board equipment, and start a number of major short board equipment engineering projects to increase supply capacity.

Short-term board for manufacturing industry is imminent

At present, China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry is developing strongly and its proportion in the industry continues to increase. However, as a manufacturing powerhouse, the "big but not strong" contradiction still exists. According to data from research institutions, although China's equipment self-sufficiency rate is up to 85%, it is mainly concentrated in the middle and low-end areas. In the high-end equipment sector, 80% of integrated circuit chip manufacturing equipment, 40% of large-scale petrochemical equipment, and 70% of automotive manufacturing key Equipment and advanced intensive agricultural equipment still rely on imports.

In the next step, China will focus on improving the core competitiveness of the manufacturing industry in six areas: First, it will strengthen independent innovation through greater efforts. We must do a good job in the construction of a national manufacturing innovation center, and do a good job in technological innovation in key areas such as large aircrafts, engines, new materials, new energy vehicles, 5G, integrated circuits, and industrial Internet that concern the national economy and people's livelihood and the industrial lifeline. The second is to lay a solid foundation and make up the short board. We will continue to strengthen the implementation of industry-based projects, aim at shortcomings and weaknesses in key areas, accelerate the pace of engineering, and strive to have the capacity for independent support as soon as possible. The third is to promote the development of integration. Continue to highlight the integration of the two main lines, to promote the deep integration of the new generation of information technology and manufacturing, and promote the further development of the manufacturing industry in the direction of digitization, networking, and intelligence. Cultivate a number of industrial internet platforms, expand basic industries such as integrated circuits and software, continue to support a number of smart manufacturing pilots, and cultivate a number of suppliers of system solutions. We will vigorously promote the in-depth development of military and civilian integration. The fourth is to optimize the industrial structure. We will continue to make great efforts to promote traditional industries to change cages and change birds, accelerate the cultivation of new kinetic energy, and vigorously develop new industries such as industrial robots, intelligent network-linked automobiles, artificial intelligence, and big data. The fifth is to create a fair market environment. Research will further reduce the burden of taxation on manufacturing enterprises, further clarify and standardize enterprise-related charges, increase financial support for the real economy, and further improve the property rights system. Sixthly, expand the opening of manufacturing industries and accelerate the full opening up of industries such as automobiles and shipbuilding. Strengthen cooperation between "Made in China 2025" and global manufacturing.

Industry insiders pointed out that the core technology cannot always rely on imports, and it is imminent to make up for the shortcomings of the advanced manufacturing industry. At present, policies to encourage the new economy have been introduced one after another. In the future, efforts will be made to strengthen independent innovation and core technical support. Tax reduction and expenditure reduction will also continue to increase.

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