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The Transformation Of Black Steel Into A Green Industry Is Promising

Apr 12, 2018

According to media reports, during Trump's visit to China, U.S. entrepreneurs and 19 Chinese companies signed 19 large singles valued at US$9 billion, including the cooperation between Hangzhou Steel Group and American Viroment Corporation, introducing a brand-new Sludge treatment technology.

The last time Hangzhou Steel appeared in the public view or in 2015, the steel base in Mid-Levels was officially shut down, triggering the memories of the entire city. In the past two years, the steel industry, as the forerunner of supply-side structural reforms, has focused on adapting to the new normal and striving to overcapacity; this cross-border cooperation signed by Hangzhou Iron and Steel can be regarded as a practical exploration of the transformation of black steel into a green industry.

With a brief understanding, Viroment Corporation of the United States focuses on industrial wastewater treatment, which can reduce the moisture content in the sludge by half, reduce the volume and harmful substances, realize the reduction and harmlessness of the sludge, and also save the transportation processing. cost. Hangzhou Iron and Steel is not only a one-ham deal, but it is considering promoting this new technology nationwide.

How to optimize and upgrade traditional industries and deepen innovation drive? This year, Harvard Business School selected 2017 the top 10 best transformation companies in the world. Once the steel giant ThyssenKrupp became the only industrial group selected. The practice of this steel company is to eliminate low-profit product lines and focus on high value-added custom production, such as opening up 3D printing centers for the production of wind turbine parts, making carbon dioxide into chemical products, and no longer being discharged into the atmosphere. In the end, about 1 million tons of CO2 emission reductions were achieved. As a result, this former steel giant steadily shifted its business focus to industrial solutions, digital services, Internet elevators, and other fields, shifting from “manufactured” to “intelligent”.

In the transformation and innovation, China’s steel companies have also made outstanding achievements and are involved in all aspects of the national economy and people’s livelihood.

Hegang Group transformed steel products into design steel products and focused on high-end products such as hot-rolled automotive panels, cold-rolled automotive panels, and home appliance panels. In April 2017, it also launched the first domestic PPM product applied to the field of washing machines.

Baosight Software, which is controlled by Baowu Group, is one of the largest cloud computing providers in China. It has deep cooperation with Alibaba, Shanghai Telecom and Shanghai Mobile, and its IDC business is growing rapidly.

Maanshan Iron and Steel and Taigang developed 350,000-km high-speed EMU wheel and shaft materials to complete 600,000-kilometer operation assessment, which laid the foundation for high-speed rail axles.

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Party Secretary and Minister Miao Wei disclosed that from January to August 2017, China’s steel industry realized a profit of 203.5 billion yuan, an increase of 106.9% compared with the same period of last year. The profit of large and medium-sized steel enterprises was higher than the same period of last year. An increase of 374.4%.

This shows that the direction of the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure has been identified. By increasing technological innovation, developing more high-level steel products, increasing R&D investment in green high-value-added products to meet the high-end demand of the market and transforming from “black” From “green” and “heavy asset” to “smart,” the steel industry has a vast and promising world.

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