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The Pearl River Delta Reproduce The Employment Gap At The Beginning Of 2018

Mar 26, 2018

Pearl River Delta and other southeast coastal areas as the forefront of China's reform and opening-up, the first to undertake industrial transfer, the main features of these industries are lower value-added industries, high labor intensity, capital and technology-intensive degree of lack of long-term in the smile curve of the low-end, resulting in the enterprise actually difficult to achieve real industrial transformation "In terms of average urban average and migrant workers ' income as a measure of labor costs, the 2008-2016-year cost is about 2.7 times times higher." While environmental standards have escalated, China has been determined to give up growth at the expense of resources and the environment, and vigorously promote environmental upgrades in the manufacturing sector.

Guo Lei, Chief macro analyst at GF Securities, said in a recent study that the need to acknowledge the impact of a large number of labor-intensive industries moving from China to Southeast Asia, and technology-intensive industries becoming mainstream, has increased the demand for companies now with technology expertise. Just as the Pearl River Delta is no longer the only option for migrant workers, businesses are also changing in the land.

The Guangdong provincial government has put forward "cage" industrial transfer strategy, and formulated the "Pearl River Delta region reform and Development planning outline (2008-2020 years)". The Intelligent production transformation, for example, only 2016 China's industrial robot sales 90,000 units, an increase of 31%, far above 14% of the world average growth rate.

Only in Foshan to carry out "machine generation" of the scale of more than 300 industrial enterprises, the application of the robot more than 6000 units. 58 Recruitment Research Institute Dean Euna Lee to reporters: "Shenzhen and Guangzhou as a labor-intensive industry region of the city, the production/processing/manufacturing industry into the top five job-seekers." Among them, Guangzhou is in the industrial upgrading stage, to build advanced manufacturing, encourage high-end industries and innovative entrepreneurship. In terms of demand, it is expected that there will be a higher level of expertise and professional skills for manufacturing professionals in the future, as well as a significant increase in demand for high-end financial and technological personnel.

” China Southern Talent Market after the Spring Festival has been held in accordance with different industries near hundreds job fairs.

The relevant person in charge of the market said that this year, machinery, mechanical and electrical equipment, heavy industry employment needs increased. "In the industrial transformation and upgrading, as well as artificial intelligence, automation wave, the existing enterprise staff knowledge and skills of the iterative upgrading of the problem will gradually become prominent." How to help these job seekers to realize their own knowledge update, skills iterative, it is particularly important. It is suggested that the organization or enterprise can carry out directional knowledge and skills training courses to help job seekers realize the update. At the same time, to help job seekers change their thinking style, understand in the changing market environment to enhance their competitiveness. Zhaopin, said the relevant person.

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