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The Meaning And Difference Of Fasteners And Standard Parts

Feb 11, 2019

In modern industrial production, the terms fasteners and standard parts are often used, especially in the machinery industry. However, many people cannot strictly distinguish these two concepts and often confuse them.

In the embryonic stage of large-scale industrial production, the concept of interchangeable production was proposed.

Any mechanical product will be damaged, and one solution to ensure quality is that the product can be repaired in time. As long as the replaced parts are identical to the original parts, the two parts can be interchanged, the performance of the mechanical product can be restored, and the mechanical product can be reused.

In production, if a certain part of a machine has several samples to choose from during assembly, then the choice takes time and reduces production efficiency. When such parts are available for assembly without selection, the parts are interchangeable. The use of interchangeable production methods can increase production efficiency and is a prerequisite for modern large-scale industrial production.

Therefore, a part can be used for assembly without selection, and meets the performance requirements of the product; when repaired, the part can be replaced without selection, and the performance of the product can be restored. Sex.

Avery Whitney is one of the pioneers in the implementation of interchangeable production. American engineer Eli Whitney initially used interchangeable parts in the locks. By 1798, the interchangeable idea was used to produce muskets, demonstrating the superiority of interchangeable production. This method has been promoted in the United States to form a “American production method”.

During the same period, the British inventor Henry Mozley used the threaded lathe he invented to produce bolts and nuts in accordance with the interchangeability idea. In 1797, Mozli made the first thread-cutting lathe with a screw and a polished rod. The sliding tool holder, Mohs tool holder and guide rail, was used to turn threads of different pitches.

Standard parts are parts that should be produced on an interchangeable basis. The so-called standard parts are some commonly used parts and components for mechanical manufacturing, which are large in quantity and suitable for mass production. In order to ensure the quality and versatility of these parts and components, and to harmonize their varieties and size specifications, the methods and measures for formulating their technical standards are adopted internationally. Standard parts play an extremely important role in the formulation and promotion of the concept of interchangeable production.

Therefore, the meaning of standard parts refers to parts and components manufactured according to technical standards, including bearings, gears, pipe joints, fasteners, and the like. There are many specifications and specifications for standard parts, each with different performances and uses, and the degree of standardization, serialization, and generalization is extremely high.

Fasteners are parts that achieve mechanical coupling. When two or more parts are joined together, the parts that are connected or fixed are fasteners such as bolts, nuts, screws, washers, rivets, pins, and the like. A fastener is a general term for a type of mechanical part that has a bonding or fixing function. Fasteners manufactured in accordance with technical standards are standard fasteners, sometimes referred to simply as fasteners. Standard fasteners are an important category of standard parts.

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