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The Influence Of Various Elements In The Material On The Properties Of Steel

Jan 28, 2018

1, Carbon (C): Improve the strength of steel, especially its heat treatment performance, but with the increase in carbon content, ductility and toughness decline, and will affect the cold upsetting properties and welding properties of steel parts.

2, Manganese (MN): To improve the strength of steel, and to a certain extent, improve the degree of quenching. That is, the strength of hardened infiltration is increased during quenching, manganese can improve surface quality, but too much manganese is unfavorable to ductility and weldability. And will affect the plating coating control.

3, Ni (NI): To improve the strength of steel, improve the toughness at low temperatures, improve atmospheric corrosion resistance, and can ensure stable heat treatment effect, reduce the role of hydrogen embrittlement.

4, Chromium (CR): Can improve the quenching, improve wear resistance, improve corrosion resistance, and is conducive to maintaining strength under high temperature.

5, MO (MO): Can help to control the quenching, reduce the sensitivity of steel to temper brittleness, to improve the tensile strength under high temperature has a great impact.

6, Boron (B): Can improve the quenching, and help to make low carbon steel heat treatment to produce the expected response.

7, Alum (V): Refinement of austenite grains, improve toughness.

8, Silicon (SI): To ensure the strength of steel parts, the appropriate content can improve the plasticity and toughness of steel parts.

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