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Taiwan Authorities Announce Dual Counter-surveys Of Steel Products In The Mainland

Apr 19, 2018

According to a number of Taiwanese media reports, such as "Union News" and "Central News Agency", on April 17, 2018, Tsai Ing-wen authorities' financial department suddenly declared that it had announced on the 16th that it had conducted five steel products manufactured and sold in mainland China. Countervailing and anti-dumping investigations.

Taiwanese officials stated that they had announced the countervailing investigations on imports of certain galvanized and zinc alloy flat-rolled steel products, carbon steel plates, and stainless steel cold-rolled steel products originating from the Chinese mainland, as well as cold-rolled stainless steel products and certain carbon steels. Rolled steel products are subject to countervailing and anti-dumping investigations.


"Joint News" claimed that it was because the United States and the European Union had launched tariffs or investigations on imported steel products. This measure is to prevent the mainland's surplus steel products from being exported to Taiwan at a low price and causing damage to the Taiwan industry.

According to the conclusion of their deliberation meeting, Taiwan's “Deputy Director of the Customs Service” Xie Lingyuan said that the five steel products sold in mainland China to Taiwan have met the reasonable suspicions of subsidies, dumping, and damage to Taiwan’s industry and met the requirements for conducting investigations. The authorities decided to investigate.

Xie Lingyuan repeatedly stated that Taiwan does not intend to be involved in the "US-China trade war," but in order to seek exemption from tariffs on steel products from the United States, it has offered to the United States the assurance that Chinese products will not be transferred from Taiwan to the United States, and that China will not export steel products at low prices. Taiwan, which damages the rights and interests of Taiwanese manufacturers, decided to launch a double counter investigation.

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