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Stud Bolts Basic Knowledge And Maintenance

Jun 23, 2018

Stud bolts basic knowledge and maintenance

The production of studs is the need for a fixed set of equipment and machine processing, of course, in fact, the processing process is still relatively simple, there are mainly processes: First, the need to pull material, pull the material is to use the puller to straighten out the curled material, After this process, the next process can be carried out. The next process is to use a cutting machine to cut the straight long material according to the customer's requirements to the length required by the customer. This completes the second process, and the third process is Put the cut short material on the thread rolling machine to get out of the thread buckle; here the ordinary stud bolt is processed, of course, if other requirements are needed, then other processes are needed.

Generally known bolts refer to screws with larger diameters. According to this statement, screws are much smaller in diameter than bolts. The studs have no head, and some are called studs. Both ends of the stud bolt are threaded, without threads in the middle, light rods in the middle. Studs are used on large equipment such as deceleration racks. In actual use, the external load will have vibration and the influence of temperature will cause the friction force to become smaller, and the thread connection will loosen and fail. Therefore, it is necessary to do maintenance work for stud bolts in peacetime. Shanghai Xiangsheng Fasteners Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of fasteners, standard parts, professional fastener service providers, advanced production equipment and sophisticated testing equipment and strong technical force, has passed ISO9001:2008 international quality Management system certification, its production of British YH Shanghai brand fasteners, bolts, nuts, won the high-strength fastener industry in China quality products. The stud bolts or anchor bolts may cause problems under long-term mechanical friction. When problems occur, the engine oil pan must be disassembled, the use of engine bushes must be carefully checked, and the clearance between the bearing bushes must be checked. If it is too large, replace it if the gap is too large. Also replace the connecting rod bolts when replacing the studs. Some large-scale equipment, such as nail-making machines, should be stopped and checked in time if they find that the engine is not operating stably or abnormal sounds during normal operation, so as to avoid further problems.

During each repair, the newly replaced stud bolts and other newly replaced parts are inspected. The inspection focuses on the head and the guiding part of the stud bolts. It is also necessary to strictly inspect each part of the thread. No cracks or dents, but also to see if the shape of the stud's teeth changes. There is no abnormality in the pitch. If there is an abnormality, it cannot be used again. Torque wrenches should be used when installing the connecting rod cover. Must be tightened in accordance with the provisions of the standard, the torque can not be too large nor too small, but also pay attention to the choice of supporting manufacturers of studs and studs.

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