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Selling Expensive Cars Use Five Wheel Screws!

May 15, 2018

Many people do think this way - the more rim screws are safer, because the more screws they hold, the faster and safer they can run. Is this really the case? The author believes that driving safety is not related to the number of screws. A simple example is given. The F1 racing car has only one screw on its feet, but it can run at speeds above 300km/h, unless the screws are not fixed. Otherwise, it really becomes very "unsafe."


In spite of this, five screws were allocated to the original rims of mid-to-high-end models. By contrast, most models equipped with four screws left a relatively cheap and low-end impression. For some people, some details can be extra points, and some people have the "for a protective shell and buy iPhone" mentality, but do not rule out their concern about the "less one screw" concerns. The


In fact, when it comes to designing this area, no matter if it is four or five screws, fatigue tests, friction coefficient tests, road tests, bench tests, etc. must be passed. It can be said that there is no jerry-building or safety issue. Among them, because of the research results, the number of rim screws is related to the weight and load capacity of the car body. If the number of screws on the rim is smaller, then the stress state of each screw is greater. In this case, a thicker screw or a screw having a large strength is required to satisfy the safety requirement. For example, if the GK5's vehicle weight reaches 2000kg (adjective), then when it turns, when the road surface is uneven, the lateral forces applied to the rim will become large and become very uneven. The contribution that the screw can make is that its bearing capacity must be large. Of course, the five screws are much larger than the four screws.



There are many ways to solve the problem - the first is like the above, or four or more; the second is the strength of the screw (the most common), as to the detailed answer in this regard, Interested parties can move to, here is not a detailed discussion, here to give a simple example - like, models, their original standard screws (bolts) of the strength level of 8.8, which is a A low numerical strength level, using a five-hole rim setting, is sufficient. Conversely, if a higher level of bolt strength is used, then the four bolts can meet the requirements (no need to waste), and like the previous generation of Smart had only three screws, the new generation of models turned into four screws. The strength level of the screw will be adjusted accordingly. Of course, the number of screws does not depend on the size of the rim. For example, some models use 17-inch wheels, but four-hole designs can still be used. The



Interpretation: In general, the tonnage of a small car is not large, and at the same time, it will not be used for carrying goods. Therefore, the four-screw rims are sufficient, if the car is large, and it is fully occupied by 7 people. Most of the weight is in the form of a rim of five screws. Of course, everyone should not forget that the rims also have important data on the quality of the bearings. The rims that are specially designed for small vehicles have the same PCD values as those of other models. However, they are not as capable as high-end vehicles (very dangerous). ), and the small rim screw involves the key to the torque, as those trucks are eight 8 screws, is also very easy to understand?

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