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Robot Market In North America Reached 1.9 Billion Dollars In 2017

Mar 06, 2018

North American Robotics, machine vision and motion control markets continue to set up new records. In Monday, the Association for the Promotion of automation (A3), a global advocate of automation, revealed its annual report on automation and robotics market statistics.

According to A3 President Jeff? "What I know most about these results is not just the continued growth of the automated market, but its growth in such a wide range of industries," Burnstein said. The new industry continues to embrace robotics, vision and movement, reaping the benefits of automation.

Robot: Total sales 1.9 billion USD

2017 is a landmark year for the North American robotics market because it exceeds the previous high water levels in all four statistical categories: order units, order receipts, shipping units, and shipping revenue.

The number of robots sold in North America last year exceeded all previous records. The customer buys 34904 total units of total sales, accounting for 1.896 billion dollars. These figures show that the unit has grown by 0.9%, 0.1% dollars since 2016. While car-related orders fell (7.3% units and $3.8) compared to a year earlier, non-auto orders increased by 20.5% per cent in 2017 and 7.3% dollars in growth.

The industry also set records for shipments in North America in 2017: Last year, 33575 robots were worth $1.938 billion. This is 8.7% units and 6.9% dollars more than 2016 of the level, with non auto related shipments again to provide growth. 2017 of shipments increased 29.7%, 19.7% dollars from 2016 results. The maximum growth rate of the units shipped comes from plastics and rubber (59.6%), metal (53.9%) and Food and consumer goods (44.2%). Compared with 2016, car shipments are flat and flat.

Vision and Image: Demand reaches the highest level of 2.6 billion dollars

As demand for machine vision solutions reaches record levels in North America, more imaging components and systems are sold than ever before. In 2017, the Machine Vision (MV) financial transactions in North America increased 14.6 percent% over 2016 to 2.633 billion dollars. Machine Vision Total financial transactions consist of system and component markets. In 2017, the system market grew by 14.8% to $2.262 billion, while the overall component market increased by 12.3% to $359 million.

At the start of the first quarter, the total financial transactions amounted to $596.5 million, which rose to $644.9 million in the second quarter and a maximum of $696.4 million in the third quarter.

Despite a slight contraction, the fourth quarter was still the second best quarter for the North American Machine Vision Financial transaction, with an overall growth of 16.7% to 694.8 million dollars, with a system of 18.2% to 604.6 million dollars and 5.7% to 87.8 million components, calculated on a yearly basis.

In addition to the imaging Board (tablet) in the first half of 2017, industry experts are optimistic about all component markets. The industry also predicts that the application of specific machine vision systems (ASMV) and smart camera sales remain flat during the same period.

Motion Control and Motor: 8.1% shipments growth

Movement control and motor product shipments increased by 8.1% from 2016 to $3.245 billion in 2017 to 3.559 billion dollars. In sales, the largest product category is the motor, including total shipments of 38.1%. Drive and mechanical systems are the second largest, 18.5% shipments. In 2017, the motion controller was the fastest growing category, adding 20.7% to 196.4 million dollars, followed by AC drives (12.7% to $388 million) and actuator and mechanical systems (12.4% to 658.2 million USD).


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