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Renewed Environmental Protection And Production Capacity Resilience

Apr 24, 2018

In the steel market that did not prosper during the peak season in March, the supply and demand structure has gradually improved since April. In addition, recent industry environmental protection and capacity-removing winds have risen again, and steel prices have clearly risen in the recent past. Is the spring season season open? The Securities Times e reporter interviewed industry sources were informed that the current steel market is intertwined with short and long-term factors, the late uptrend or difficult to continue, the steel price is still the main shock adjustment.

Steel prices lead the black system is stronger

After continuing for more than a month, the black department recently regained strong market conditions. On April 23, the black line in the domestic futures market strengthened again. As of the close of the afternoon, the main contract coke rose 3.87%, thermal coal rose 2.62%, coking coal rose 2.26%, hot rolled coil rose 2.25%, iron ore rose 2.14%, wire rose 2%.

In the A-share market, the level of Wind CITIC Steel led the strong rebound in the morning, but it gradually weakened in the afternoon and ended 0.2% higher. Among stocks, Chong Hing Resources fell 8.47% and Anyang Steel fell 4.96%.

“On the spot market, the steel spot and futures markets have continued to rise in the near future, and the gains have been expanded and the gains have been strong.” Analysts from Ouyeyeye Zeng Jiesheng stated that last week hot rolled steel and building materials gained a relatively large increase, among which Shanghai’s hot rolling was higher Zhou rose 170 yuan / ton to 4,050 yuan / ton, an increase of 4.4%. Shanghai rebar and Shanghai wire rods rose slightly by 120 yuan/ton, 140 yuan/ton to 3850 yuan/ton, and 4,070 yuan/ton, respectively, up 3.2% and 3.6% respectively. As far as the region is concerned, the market in East China rose more than that in South China and Northern China. The other steel products remained stable or slightly higher at high levels.

In the news, after the winter production limit, the environmental protection and capacity-removing winds have been rekindled in the near future.

A spokesman for the National Development and Reform Commission said on the 18th that from May to June, the steel industry will organize the elimination of excessive production capacity and prevent special inspections of the re-entry of “Grid Steel”. At present, the special sampling and inspection work plan has been formulated with the relevant departments, and the related work has been specifically deployed. In the next step, various localities and relevant parties will be organized to carry out special spot checks.

Market outlook is rising or difficult to continue

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