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Quality Requirements For High Strength Bolts

Dec 24, 2017

(1), surface floating rust, oil, bolt hole wall burr, welding tumor, etc. should be clean.

(2), contact the friction surface after treatment to meet the requirements of the requirement of the strike-shift coefficient. The use of High-strength bolts should have matching nuts, gaskets, when used in accordance with the supporting use, not interchangeable.

(3) The friction surface of the component is not allowed to be stained with oil and dirt.

(4), installation of the component friction surface should be kept dry, should not be in the rain operation.

(5), before the installation of strict inspection and correction of the deformation of the connected steel plate.

(6), the installation of the prohibition hammer hit into the bolts to prevent the damage of the bolt wire buckle.

(7), the use of periodic detection of the electric wrench, to ensure the accuracy of the torque, and in the correct order of the twisting operation.

Main safety technical measures

(1), the use of movable wrench of the size of the nut should be the size of the match, should not use a small wrench on the casing. High altitude operation should use a dead wrench, such as the use of a live wrench with a rope to fasten, people have to buckle up. (2), assembled steel members connecting bolts, the hand is strictly prohibited to plug the connection surface or kerb screw hole, take pad plate, the finger should be placed on both sides of the pad plate.


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