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Price Of Steel Hard To Pick Up In The Middle Of Year

Apr 02, 2018

The price of steel futures has fallen sharply since early March and has rebounded steadily last week.

Analysts pointed out that the high inventory is the March price continued to fall the main push hand, into the two quarter, the market focus will turn to steel mills and inventory changes, the overall market is expected to remain empty, but there are many stages of long opportunities.

Market focus shifts from inventory to limiting Gold three silver Four, March is the traditional steel demand season, and steel prices fell again.

Stock pressure affects steel market in short term. "March Market focus on inventory, although there is a short-term boost to the supply of limited information, but the demand to start slowly, the fundamentals are worse, the weak price is normal."

"Jin Lian Chuang information Iron and steel analyst Zhang Jinping said that the later steel market focus will gradually shift to the steel mill's limiting strength." Zhang Jinping Analysis, the current limited-limit information is restricted to Hebei, Henan, Shandong and other steel mills more concentrated places, at present, the most stringent Hebei, the maximum is 50%; compared to March 15, the limit measures for all heating areas of the heating season, obviously, limited production situation loose a lot, the latter will certainly be higher than the heating season,

In most areas, the production scale is 20% to 30%.

In the short term, in rebar main change the background of the month, rebar period price trend for a while slightly optimistic.

Pay attention to the stock change of steel mills "The trend of the late confirmation, the need to look at steel mills attitude." Zhang Jinping told China Securities News reporter, because the current inventory pressure is still large, the peak season demand in the context of steel mills inventory decline slower, total inventory still up to more than 13 million tons. "At this rate, even if the steel mills are no longer productive, the later inventory pressure is still very large, not to mention the release of production." Even if the current production and demand can reach a balance, under the current inventory pressure, steel prices are still very difficult to have good performance.

” Analysts point out that the future of real-time weather conditions or to become the direction of production strength of steel.

In the near term, although the high inventory still restricts the trend of the price, but as the weather deteriorated, Wuan and other regions to increase the extent of environmental protection, supply side potential favorable to the formation of a certain support plate. In the first half of 2018, Steel City dilemma, the latter mainly look at steel mills mood. The overall market or will still be the main exploration, if the futures show better performance, short-term spot pull up the market can still period, the overall vibration pattern inevitable.

"Zhang Jinping expected. Downstream varieties, the state investment Anxin Futures analyst He Jianhui that Coke, coking coal, steel complex production of raw materials for the overall formation of support, but the coke stock pressure is relatively large, coking plant high operating rate also constitutes pressure on the price, coking coal inventory has no significant accumulation, the price of the lower space is relatively limited. Iron ore, this round of ore prices fall larger, the adjustment has been more adequate, later with the production of steel mills, replenishment requirements release, price shocks after the increase in the likelihood of strengthening. "Operation, the proposed short-term to wait-and-see mainly, iron ore, coking coal futures low single light warehouse holding." ”

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