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Ministry Of Industry: ‘China Made 2025 Top Level’ Design Has Been Completed

Feb 06, 2018

Wei, Minister of Industry and Information technology, said at a press conference yesterday at the State Council news office that the top design of "Made in China 2025" had been completed, a number of major landmark projects and projects had landed and the building of powerful countries had taken a new step.

According to Wei, in the construction of the National Manufacturing Innovation Center, we have already built 5 national manufacturing Innovation Centers, at the same time, we have also cultivated 48 provincial-level manufacturing innovation centers, and formed a manufacturing innovation system, which takes the National Innovation Center as the core node and the provincial Manufacturing Innovation Center as an important supplement. Large aircraft, integrated circuits, new materials, aircraft engines and gas turbines, 5G, new energy vehicles and other key areas, but also achieved positive results.

In the Industrial Strong Foundation project, last year, the state supported 331 key projects, high-speed motor gear transmission system, nuclear power system used in the pump seals and other key areas of the "Kabozi" problem has been preliminarily resolved. In the field of intelligent manufacturing Engineering, 428 Intelligent manufacturing integrated standardization and new model application projects have made positive progress, 206 projects have been pilot demonstration, issued 22 national standards for intelligent manufacturing, initially completed a number of digital workshop and intelligent factory.

In the green Development Project, the Ministry of Industry supports 225 major green manufacturing projects, creating green manufacturing systems with green standards, green factories, green products, green parks and green supply chains as the core. In the high-end equipment innovation project, last year made significant technical achievements, C919 large aircraft successfully achieved the maiden flight, AG600 amphibious aircraft in the end of last year, the successful implementation of the Maiden. In addition, more than 350 kilometers per hour of China's standard EMU, "Blue whale number" and other high-end innovative results are also emerging.

Wei said that 2018 Ministry of Industry and Industry will implement the "China Manufacturing 2025", focusing on the following aspects of the work: first, to continue to carry out the five major projects, the second is to create a "China Manufacturing 2025" National Demonstration zone; third, to cultivate some world-class advanced manufacturing clusters Four is to promote the integration of manufacturing and the Internet development, to organize and implement the platform cultivation of industrial Internet, million industrial enterprises "on the Cloud" and other projects; Five is to enhance the quality of the supply system of manufacturing industry, to implement the task of steel to capacity this year, the implementation of a new round of major technical upgrading of the project; Six is to optimize the development environment of "Reform", reduce the cost of institutional transaction and so on.


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