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Magnetism Of Stainless Steel Fasteners, Magnetic Problems Of Stainless Steel Screws

Jan 28, 2018

Magnetic problems of stainless steel fasteners:

Although this is not necessary to discuss the issue, but because of the deep-rooted concept of the public, some of the first contact with stainless steel screws people always have such a misunderstanding: how the stainless steel screws are magnetic?

1, the processing (cold pier or turning) after the stainless steel screws or stainless steel parts must have a certain magnetic (this magnetic is weak magnetic, and iron magnetic compared with the obvious difference)

2, the raw material itself is not magnetic (or magnetic weak people can not detect)

3, stainless steel threaded pieces can be removed by solid-melt treatment (a heat treatment method), but this can lead to a noticeable drop in mechanical properties (hardness, tensile strength, yield strength) and, in some specific cases (such as valves), this treatment, but its purpose is not degaussing, but increasing toughness. The normal use of the situation can not be solid fusion treatment.

4, magnetic is not the difference between 304 and 201 or other so-called stainless steel, on the contrary, as the following formula, the same processing case 201 is lower than 304 magnetic.

Magnetism of austenitic stainless steels (iso3506,gb/t3098.6)

All austenitic stainless steel fasteners, usually non-magnetic, may be apparent after cold processing.

The properties of various materials being magnetized are also applicable to stainless steels. It is possible to be completely nonmagnetic only in a vacuum. The permeability of the material in the magnetic field is measured relative to the permeability of the material in the vacuum μr, if the μr is close to 1, the material has a low permeability.

For example: A2[μr≈1.8]a4[μr≈1.015]a4l[μr≈1.005]f1[μr≈5]

The strength of magnetism is closely related to the alloy composition of steel:

Magnetic formula: md30=551-462* (c+n) -9.2*si-8.1*mn-13.7*cr-29* (NI+CU) -18.5*mo This value is smaller and less magnetic.

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