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Launch Many Provincial-level Environmental Protection Inspections

Apr 17, 2018

Environmental supervision has continued. Following the decision of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment to launch the first round of environmental protection inspections this year, “Zhoutou”, Zhejiang, Anhui, and Guangdong provinces have initiated provincial environmental protection inspections. These provinces have not only formulated special actions, but also highlighted such key areas of supervision as the atmosphere according to local conditions.

Zhejiang Province announced on April 8 that it would carry out a special enforcement action on “Blue Sky Defending” No. 1 for a week-long provincial environmental protection inspection. The special actions mainly highlight three key points, including highlighting the periods of winter and spring with heavy air pollution, highlighting key improvement factors, and highlighting key industry sectors. The focus of the inspection was on the implementation of local arrangements and implementation of the company, and the rectification of environmental issues related to the six major industries including thermal power in the feedback opinions of the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate.

Last year, Anhui took the lead in the country to achieve full coverage of provincial environmental protection inspectors. In order to effectively improve the quality of the air environment, Anhui decided to start a one-year inspection starting March 6th. At the same time, the Anhui Environmental Protection Agency has formulated a special rectification supervision plan and sent four inspection teams to supervise and supervise the outstanding issues concerning the environmental pollution of solid wastes in five cities including Tongling and Chizhou. The inspections included the implementation of the implementation of the provincial special reform and promotion meeting, the investigation of seven key areas such as the organization of the economic zone along the Yangtze River, industrial and medical hazardous waste generating units, and so on.

In March of this year, the Guangdong Environmental Protection Agency launched a one-year inspection of air pollution control in the surrounding area of the Lion Ocean. It is reported that this year the Guangdong Provincial Department of Environmental Protection will continue to carry out special inspections, and supervision will make some adjustments compared to last year. This year, key river basins and key areas will be selected to highlight the atmosphere of water and individual key areas. The special inspection methods will be more diversified, and the intensity will be further strengthened.

In addition to the provinces that have already started inspections, there are many places that they are planning the implementation of provincial environmental protection supervision. In order to further speed up the outstanding problems facing the ecological environment of Dongting Lake, and effectively crack down on the illegal sewage activities of industrial enterprises in the Dongting Lake area, Hunan will implement the “Sword of Liberation of the Lake” special campaign for three consecutive years starting from 2018. This year will be a year of hard work.

Sichuan will focus on inspections of the central and southern provinces that have not sank inspectors and special inspectors this year. In order to continuously push forward the reform of the inspectors' problems, Sichuan called for speeding up the formulation and completion of the rectification plans of the relevant municipal (prefecture) and provincial departments, forming a "1+1+N" rectification work system, and clarifying the timetable and roadmap.

Judging from the inspections of the above provinces, thermal power, steel, cement, glass, waste incineration and other industries are still the focus of inspection.

Chuan Cai Securities analyst Yang Ouwen told the Shanghai Daily that the gradual upgrading of environmental protection supervision is a general trend. It is also an opportunity for the chemical industry to face challenges, and pesticides, dyes and other polluting industries will be the first to suffer.

In her view, in the past, the pressure from environmental supervision was relatively small, and the backward production capacity of the industry could not be truly retired. The phenomenon of “disposal” was banned on a continuous basis. Some enterprises established cost advantages through processes that did not meet environmental standards, and the industry could not be standardized. Today, under the rectification of environmental protection and heavy punching, it has been forced to withdraw from the production capacity, the supply and demand structure of the industry has continued to improve, and the degree of concentration has continued to increase. Leading companies in the industry have the advantages of technology, production capacity, and cost, and will fully benefit from it. The strong companies will always be strong. In the past, companies that “empty” will have to choose between stopping or upgrading their technology. However, it is still necessary to be alert to the shift of chemical backward production capacity to poorly-regulated areas.

Xu Xiangchun, the director of the information network of my steel network, said in an interview with the Shanghai Daily that the spring steel market was in a downturn and that excessive inventory caused excessive market pressure. Coupled with the influence of some international factors, prices generally fell. At present, the market is in a stable and rebounding state. The impact of environmental supervision on the steel industry has shifted from the northern and southern parts of Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei to East and South China. Under pressure, some companies that do not meet environmental standards will have temporary production cuts and are expected to have positive support for market prices.

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