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Introduction Of Several Heat Treatment Methods

Feb 20, 2018

We all know that will undergo a multiple processing heat treatment, then the specific heat treatment may be used, the following, we give you a brief description of several heat treatment concepts.

1. Normalizing: the temperature at which steel or steel is heated to a critical point for a period of time to cool in the air.

2. Annealing: The workpiece heating to 20-40 degrees above the critical point, after a period of time, with the furnace slow cooling or air-cooled oil to 500 degrees below in the air cooling heat treatment technology.

3. Solution Heat Treatment: the alloy heated to high-temperature single-phase zone constant temperature insist, so that excess phase dissolved into solid solution, and then rapid cooling to get over saturated solid solution heat disposal technology.

4. Aging: The workpiece after the solution heat treatment or cold plastic deformation, at room temperature or slightly higher than at room temperature adhere to, its function over time and the appearance of change. The time mentioned here may be a few hours, but also may be a few days oh, China's early Dalian machine tool Factory is very famous, (now seems to be a lot of people), because of their important workpiece if the slide, must be placed in the seaside for several years to get good mechanical properties. Confused people think it is put idle goods, in fact, this is a kind of aging treatment.

5. Solution Disposal: The alloy in a variety of phase dissolved, standard parts to strengthen solid solution and improve the toughness and corrosion resistance, eliminate stress and softening, in order to continue processing molding.

6. Aging treatment: In the hardening of the temperature of the heating and insulation, so that the enhancement phase deposition, to harden, progressive strength.

7. Quenching: The steel austenite after the appropriate cooling rate cooling, so that the workpiece in the cross-section of the full or within the scope of the stability of the martensite and other unstable arrangements for the layout of the transformation of heat disposal technology.

8. Tempering: The appropriate temperature that heats the hardened workpiece below the critical point must be adhered to at all times and then cooled in accordance with the required method to obtain the desired arrangement and function of the thermal disposal technology.

9. Carbon and nitrogen infiltration of steel: carbon-nitrogen infiltration is the process of entering carbon and nitrogen into the surface of steel. The common infiltration of carbon and nitrogen is also known as cyanide, at present, the use of medium temperature gas carbon and nitrogen infiltration and low-temperature gas carbon and nitrogen infiltration (that is, gas soft nitriding) is widely used. The primary intention of the medium temperature gas-carbon-nitrogen infiltration is to improve the hardness, wear resistance and fatigue strength of the steel. The main purpose of low-temperature gas carbon-nitrogen infiltration is nitriding, which is to improve the wear resistance and occlusal resistance of the steel.

10. Quenching and tempering: the usual habit of hardening and high-temperature temper combined heat treatment known as the tempering disposal. It is widely used in all kinds of important layout parts, especially those connecting rods, bolts, gears and shafts, which operate under alternating load. Tempered Sorbite arrangement after tempering and disposal, it's mechanical function is better than the same hardness of normalizing sorbite arrangement. Its hardness depends on the high-temperature tempering temperature and is related to the tempering stability of steel and workpiece cross-section scale, usually between hb200-350.

11. Brazing: A heat disposal technique for bonding two workpieces together with a filler metal.

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