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Factors Affecting Hydrogen Embrittlement Fracture Of Steel

Feb 22, 2018

After a long time study, it is found that the factors affecting the fracture of steel hydrogen embrittlement are mainly as follows:

(1) Environmental factors

such as steel in the high hydrogen content environment, such as water, acid, hydrogen, hydrogen by adsorption in the steel table diffusion, resulting in brittle steel. At the same time, hydrogen partial pressure has obvious effect on the growth rate of hydrogen crack, and increasing hydrogen pressure will increase hydrogen embrittlement sensitivity.

(2) Strength factor

In general, the higher the strength of steel, the greater the sensitivity of hydrogen embrittlement. Some foreign developed countries expressly "high strength steel No acid pickling" is to prevent hydrogen embrittlement. The chemical composition is to influence the hydrogen embrittlement fracture of steel by strength, because hydrogen and S, p and other atoms segregation in the grain boundary will cause the grain boundary binding force to weaken, thus prompting the first fracture along the grain boundary.

(3) Heat treatment

The hydrogen embrittlement of steel is closely related to its microstructure and heat treatment, and the experiment and facts indicate that the stability of the microstructure is worse in thermodynamics, and the sensitivity of hydrogen embrittlement is higher. For example, the hydrogen embrittlement tendency of pearlite and ferrite is much lower than that of martensite, and the reticular distribution of high carbon martensite is most sensitive.

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