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Environmental Taxes Usher In The First Period In The Country

Apr 04, 2018

April 1 morning, in Shanghai Pudong New Area tax hall, BASF Materials Co., Ltd. Financial staff from the Declaration of a special window to take a tax stamps, this is China's environmental protection tax issued since the first stamps. January 1 This year, China's first environmental protection tax law was formally implemented.

As a new tax on quarterly reporting, environmental taxes ushered in the first levy nationwide on April 1. Reporter in Fujian province Quanzhou to see the tax services for this declaration set up a consultative service zone. Although it is still weekend, staff have been in place early, many business representatives are coming to declare. "Simply fill out the declaration form, just a few minutes, then completed the entry and invoicing, the whole process is very convenient."

"That morning, kading (Fujian) Children's Products Co., Ltd. Financial director Koyuanme led to Fujian province, the first Zhang bonded tax stamps. "The first Zhang bonded tax stamps, marking the conversion of environmental protection fees and charges in the grassroots smooth landing."

"Fujian Provincial Taxation Bureau property behavior Tax Director Zhang Jinzhan introduced, in addition to strengthening the declaration period of security Services, the tax department will use public service advertising, small video, micro-film and other forms of publicity, for taxpayers to popularize environmental protection tax background knowledge and detailed operation process." In Beijing Miyun, Beijing Special Drive Hope Feed Co., Ltd. Financial head came to run tax hall. After the simple declaration formalities, he received the first environmental tax tax payment book in Beijing. "After the company has completed the formalities, we will donate this certificate to the Beijing Tax Museum, so as to express our commitment to the green tax system, according to the determination of tax compliance." "Now the environmental awareness of enterprises is increasing, we are willing to reduce environmental pollution, to retain the Green Mountains to make a force."

” "Environmental tax is aimed at solving the problem of the people's concern, carrying the green development concept and promoting ecological environmental protection." "Beijing Miyun District deputy Chang Fan Yonggong said that Miyun as one of the ecological conservation zone in Beijing, shoulder the special mission of protecting a basin of water for Beijing."

It is particularly important for Miyun to do a good job of environmental tax collection. The law of environmental protection is the first one-way tax law embodying "green tax system" and promoting the construction of ecological civilization. As a comprehensive implementation of the reform of the camp to increase the first tax on the new local taxes, environmental tax is carrying the power to protect and improve the environment.

This year, the State administration of taxation in conjunction with the finance, environmental protection and other departments for the first levy of environmental protection tax to do a variety of preparations to further ensure a smooth transition of the tax system. According to the introduction, the current tax authorities throughout the country, the core collection and management system, network Reporting system has been deployed on the line, a total of identification, identification, collection of more than 240,000 household environmental tax taxpayers, the basic information, joint environmental protection departments organized training more than 4,600.

At the same time, local tax authorities have been carrying out on-site consultation, 12366 Hotline consultation, to various channels for taxpayers to carry out tax counseling. Cai Zili, director of the property and Behavior Tax division of the State administration of taxation, said that in order to fully protect the environmental tax returns, the tax services has been widely set up a special window and green channel for environmental tax declaration.

In addition to the tax services to transact business, taxpayers can also be online to handle environmental tax declaration, fully enjoy the "Internet + tax" to bring convenience. "Tax incentives have further enhanced our drive to optimize production processes and reduce pollutant emissions."

"BASF New Materials Co., Ltd. Financial staff said that in accordance with the environmental tax" multiple platoon, less levy, do not levy "incentive mechanism, the company due to pollutant emissions below the national standard, the original should be paid more than 9,400 yuan environmental protection tax relief, the actual tax only more than 8,800 yuan.

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