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Deburring Incredibly There Are So Many Ways, There Is Always A Suitable For You!

Mar 02, 2018

Burr-in the fastener industry has struggled with the people must be unfamiliar to it, in the process of fastener processing, it is ubiquitous, no matter how sophisticated you use the equipment, it will accompany the birth of the product.

The so-called Burr, is mainly the plastic deformation of materials in the processing of materials produced by the edge of an excess of iron, especially ductility or better toughness of the material, especially prone to burrs, and precisely the burr problem is the fastener industry so far difficult to solve one of the problems.

10 Simple deburring methods

1, Manual deburring

This is also commonly used by enterprises in the way, using file, sandpaper, grinding first class as an auxiliary tool. file with artificial file and pneumatic dislocation.

The labor cost is more expensive, the efficiency is not very high, and is difficult to remove to the complex cross hole.

The technical requirements of workers are not very high, the application of small burr, product structure simple products.

2. Stamping Die deburring

Using the production die with punching machine to carry out deburring.

Need a certain die (coarse mold + precision die) production costs, may also need to make plastic mold.

Suitable for more simple products, efficiency and deburring effect than artificial better.

3, Grinding deburring

This kind of deburring contains vibration, sand blasting, roller and so on, at present enterprises use more.

There is a problem that removal is not very clean and may require subsequent manual handling of residual burrs or other means of deburring. Suitable for large batches of small products.

4. Freeze deburring

The use of cooling to make the burr quickly brittle, and then spray the projectile to remove burrs.

Equipment price is about two hundred thousand or three hundred thousand, suitable for small burr wall and smaller products.

5, thermal explosion deburring

Also called thermal energy deburring, explosion deburring. Through the use of some of the gas into a furnace, and then through the role of some medium and conditions, so that the gas instantaneous explosion, using the energy generated by the explosion to dissolve the burr removal.

Expensive equipment (million price), high operating technology requirements, low efficiency, side effects (rust, deformation); mainly used in some high-precision parts and components, such as automotive aerospace and other precision components.

6, engraving machine deburring

The equipment price is not very expensive (tens of thousands of), suitable for the space structure is simple, the need to deburring position is simple and regular.

7, Chemical deburring

The principle of electrochemical reaction, the parts made of metal materials automatically and selectively complete deburring operations.

Suitable for the internal burr difficult to remove, suitable for pump body, valve body and other products fine spines (thickness less than 7 wire).

8, Electrolytic Deburring

An electrolytic machining method for removing burr of metal parts by electrolysis.

Electrolyte has a certain corrosive, parts of the burr near also by electrolysis, the surface will lose the original gloss, and even affect the size of precision, workpiece deburring should be cleaned and antirust treatment.

Electrolytic deburring is suitable to remove the burr of the concealed part of the part in the cross hole or shape complex parts, the production efficiency is high, the deburring time is usually only a few seconds to dozens of seconds.

Apply to gear, connecting rod, valve body and crankshaft oil circuit orifice and so on deburring, as well as sharp angle round and so on.

9. High pressure water jet deburring

Take the water as the medium, uses its instantaneous impact force to remove the burr which produces after processing and the flying edge, simultaneously may achieve the cleaning goal.

Expensive equipment, mainly used in the heart of the car and construction machinery hydraulic control system.

10, Ultrasonic deburring

Ultrasonic produces instantaneous high-pressure removal of burrs.

Mainly for some micro-burr, generally if the burr needs to be observed with a microscope, you can try to use ultrasonic method to remove.

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