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China To Accelerate Efforts To Become A Manufacturing Powerhouse

Mar 06, 2018

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said in Monday that China will launch a move to boost the disadvantage of major equipment manufacturing as it strives to become a global manufacturing powerhouse.

China will promote the development of integrated circuits, 5G mobile communications, aircraft engines, new energy vehicles and materials, Li Keqiang, the premier, said at the opening of the 13th National first session of the Government. NPC, China's top legislature.

Li said the government will develop the Internet of things networking platforms and create a "China made 2025" demonstration zone.

The "2025 China Manufacturing" Action plan, launched in 2015, aims to transform China into a global leader in manufacturing and to increase investment in the development and application of the latest technologies.

China will strive to meet the highest international standards, encourage craftsmanship and ignite the revolution in the quality of manufactured goods in China.


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