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China's Manufacturing Industry Will Continue To Boost Japanese Machine Tool Order Growth

Mar 09, 2018

2018, China's demand for machinery is expected to continue to expand, with machine-tool orders will increase. The growth of China's manufacturing industry has led to a growing demand for machine tools in Japan last year.

According to data released by the Japan Machine Tool Industry Association, in 2017, Japan's machine-tool orders for the whole year of 2017 Rose 31.6%, to 1,645,516,000,000 yen, a record high, of which the "Chinese market recovery" is the main reason for order growth. Japan is one of the major countries for China's machine tool import cooperation. In particular, China's manufacturing industry booming, the demand for machine tools, high quality, technologically advanced Japanese machine tool is a good choice. Japan is also bullish on the Chinese market, which is expected to reach 1.7 trillion in 2018, up 3% from last year and become an important exporter of machine tools in Japan.

Although 2018 estimates for machine-tool orders than the 2017 34.1% growth is not very high, but the huge base still for Japanese machine tool Enterprises bring a sweet burden-parts supply or will be inadequate, day-related enterprises are actively responding to this change. The increase in the number of machine tools imported from Japan exposes the insufficiency of the development of machine tool industry in China. Many netizens said that China's machine tool industry in the lack of technology, in the High-tech areas of the great. However, some netizens pointed out that China's machine tool occupies the largest market share in the country, is the main force of machine tool production. At the same time, China is also actively cooperating with other machine tools, its own technical progress is obvious.

The increase of imported machine tool can only show the strong development of China's manufacturing industry, and can not represent the weak position of Chinese machine tools. The small part of the latter's view basically agree. The development of China's machine tool industry does exist such as large and not strong, the core technology is scarce, "High-tech" accounted for small issues, but we also want to see, in recent years, the rapid development of Chinese machine tools, key technologies have made breakthroughs, has a certain technical advantages. And China's machine tool industry is to regional development, such as Chongqing Yongchuan, Beijing and other regions are actively building high-end machine tool industry base. Chinese machine tool Enterprises are still the most powerful support of China's manufacturing, and the increase in imports can only show that the speed of our machine tool can not fully meet the rapid development of the manufacturing industry needs. This does not negate the role played by Chinese machine tools in Chinese manufacturing. Of course, in the face of changing market demand, Chinese machine tool enterprises still need to adapt.

At present, our country in the middle and low-end machine tool production has considerable strength, how to improve technology, to high-end, is all machine tool enterprises need to solve the next problem. 2018, China's machine tool market is still very promising. China has been one of the world's largest machine-tool consumers. In the current influx of foreign companies at the same time, the number of machine tool imports in China is still increasing, in addition to the rapid development of our manufacturing industry, but also reflects the huge demand for domestic machine tool market. It is understood that settled Yongchuan German EMAG machine tool in 2017 sales near 300 million yuan. With the current development, the Chinese machine tool market will continue to rise in the next few years.

If the domestic machine tool enterprises can firmly grasp these market resources, how to worry about the development of the industry can not be a higher level? China's machine tool industry has a long way to develop, imports are means rather than results. How to let the Chinese market recognize the Chinese machine tools, how to form their own brand and technical advantages, these problems still need to solve their own enterprises. "In the brave win", in the fierce market competition, the hope that Chinese machine tool enterprises can become the "brave", indomitable, laughing to the end.


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