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China's Dumping Of Steel On Canada Is Groundless

Mar 19, 2018

The Chinese Embassy in Canada said in Thursday that China's accusations of dumping steel on the Canadian market were groundless and that China was a victim of trade protectionism.

Chinese Embassy spokesman Zhu Swelling said Canada's National Bureau of Statistics data showed that Canada in 2017 fully imported 9.55 billion U.S. dollars of steel, of which about 940 million U.S. dollars from China imports, accounting for only 9.8% of the total of 5.58 billion U.S. dollars imported from the United States, accounting for the total of 58.4%.

According to Canadian media reports, Canada's steel exports to the United States accounted for the largest share of U.S. steel imports, 17% a year. If 9.8% is dumped, what is 58.4% or 17%?

We understand Canada's sense of urgency to avoid US trade sanctions, but it is wrong to throw stones at people who fall into wells and even push others to the front line, "Zhu said.

The US president, Donald Trump, announced high tariffs on steel and aluminium imports on March 1, and Canada could be the first country to hit the brunt.

Angry Canadians complain that the decision is protectionist and will seriously damage Canada's interests by calling on Washington to change its mind or face Canadian retaliation.

The trump card announced on March 8 that Canada's tariffs are temporarily exempt, making it easier for Canadians to breathe. Some Canadian lawmakers have warned that if Canada wants tariff threats and permanent exemptions, the U.S. government will have to address Americans ' concerns that Canada is being used as an entry point for China's cheap steel flooding.

In its place, Canadian newspaper Hilltimes reported in Thursday. Zhu said Canada was freed from external pressure, with some Canadians pointing their guns at China and asking the Canadian government to be tougher when dealing with China, or the United States would consider Canada "not helping."

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