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China's Auto Industry Seizes New Energy 'Hot Spot'

Mar 15, 2018

The era of fuel cars will eventually pass.Under the dual restriction of petroleum resources and environmental protection, the development of new energy vehicles is becoming a strategic choice for the countries of the world to cope with the pressure of energy and environment and occupy the commanding heights in the new round of global competition.

For the Chinese auto industry, the meaning of new energy vehicles is much more than that, it gives Chinese car companies the first chance to compete with the world's traditional car giants. We know that the Western automobile industry has been developed for more than 100 years, forming a fairly perfect technological advantage and patent monopoly.

Although the progress of domestic cars is obvious to all, but so far, China has not yet a car brand with Audi, BMW, Mercedes and other world-class brands to compete, so that these multinationals can make enough profit in the Chinese market to maintain its global dominance.

But the development of new energy vehicles, especially the development of electric vehicles, has successfully bypassed the traditional core components of the car by foreign enterprises to control this barrier, so that everyone back to the same starting line, even in some areas, local enterprises have more advantages. At present, it is an important opportunity period for China's automobile industry to transform and upgrade, to realize leapfrog development and to seize the initiative.

In order to enhance the competitiveness of Chinese automobile enterprises and move towards the middle and high-end of the global value chain, we must grasp the future trend of new energy and do well in advance the industrial layout. Where the market is, the center of gravity of the global auto industry. At present, China has become the world's first automobile production and sales power, and the huge Chinese new energy vehicle market will achieve China's new energy vehicle industry-the new energy technological revolution marked by electric vehicles, is making China's automobile manufacturing industry to the global auto industry arena in the center of Infinity.

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