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Artificial Intelligence Industry Propulsion Measures Will Be Divided Into Three Ways To Create Super Trillion Output Value

Mar 22, 2018

The "China Development Forum 2018", hosted by the Development Research Center of the State Council and sponsored by the China Development Research Foundation, will be held at the Diaoyutai Guesthouse in Beijing from March 24 to 26th. "Economic reference" reporter learned that this forum to "new era of China" as the theme, around High-quality development, taxation system reform, supply-side structural reform and financial policy, a comprehensive open new pattern, high-quality development stage of China's manufacturing, innovation and the future of a series of major issues discussed.

Among them, there will be many discussions around the manufacturing upgrading, artificial intelligence era of industrial transformation or will become the focus of experts. Reporter learned from the relevant departments, the future of China's artificial intelligence industry to promote measures are divided into three major categories. The first category is the specific industry landing policy, including the introduction of artificial intelligence for small and medium-sized enterprises and start-up enterprises of the fiscal preferential policies, through High-tech enterprises tax concessions and research and development costs plus deductions and other policies to support artificial intelligence enterprise development policy; Implement data opening and protection policies, open access to public data reform pilot,

To support the public and enterprises to fully tap the commercial value of public data, revitalize existing funds, guide market forces, establish and improve the artificial intelligence industry Development Fund. The second category is to promote the development of various artificial intelligence innovation. Mainly including in accordance with the State-level science and technology innovation Base layout and framework, and promote the field of artificial intelligence to build a number of international leading innovation base, guide the existing and artificial intelligence-related State key laboratory, Enterprise State Key Laboratory, National Engineering Laboratory and other bases, focusing on the forefront of the new generation of artificial intelligence The future layout of a new generation of artificial intelligence major science and technology projects, the formation of a new generation of major science and technology projects as the core, the existing research and development layout for the support of the AI project group;

Evaluate the key performance of AI products and systems. The third category is to develop laws and regulations to promote the development of artificial intelligence and ethical norms, the application of artificial intelligence related to civil and criminal responsibility recognition, privacy and property rights protection, the use of information security and other legal issues, establish retrospective and accountability system, clear artificial intelligence legal subject and related rights, obligations and responsibilities.

Focus on automatic driving, service robot, such as the application of a good subdivision of the field, speed up research and development of relevant safety regulations for the rapid application of new technologies to lay a legal basis. According to the "New Generation AI development plan" issued by the State Council, our country pointed out the phased development task of "Three steps", and clarified the future strategy target of artificial intelligence industry: 2020 the overall technology and application of artificial intelligence and the World Advanced level synchronization, artificial intelligence core industry scale more than 150 billion yuan, Driven by the relevant industry scale of more than 1 trillion yuan, to 2025 some technology and applications to reach the world's leading level, the core industry scale of more than 400 billion yuan, driving the relevant industry scale of more than 5 trillion yuan; To 2030 technology and application overall reached the world leading level, the core industry scale of more than 1 trillion yuan, Led the related industry scale of more than 10 trillion yuan.

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