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About Automatic Lathe, And Several Types Of Automatic Lathe

Jan 28, 2018

In the sense of the automatic lathe, is a high-performance, high-precision, low-noise knife-type automatic lathe, is through the cam to control the process of automatic processing machine tools. In addition, there are some CNC automatic lathe and pneumatic automatic lathe as well as the heart-type automatic lathe, the basic core of which can be set and after the tuning can be a long time to automatically process the same product. Especially suitable for processing and manufacturing of precision parts such as copper, aluminum, iron, plastic and so on, it is suitable for processing small parts in batches, especially complicated parts, such as instruments, clocks, automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, glasses, stationery, hardware sanitary ware, electronic parts, connectors, computers, mobile phones, electromechanical and military industries

Automatic lathe

Precision Automatic lathe can be divided into heart-type and walk-type

1, the process of walking heart-type: It is through the clamping of the processing materials, materials to move forward, and the tool does not move through the tool's linear movement or swing motion to process parts.

2, the knife-type processing process: is to clamp the workpiece with a simple clip, through the car knife around the left and right to process the workpiece.

3, knife-type cam automatic lathe equipped with 5 knives, turret in order of 1th, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th knife Each group of knives can be loaded 1-2 knives, 1th and 5th are turning outside diameter, 2, 3, 4 is mainly cut groove, chamfer, cut off and other processes. 2 tail shaft, 2 drill and 1 taps, 1 die at the same time for cutting, and can simultaneously tapping, milling teeth, dies, embossing and other processing.    No manual operation, complex parts can be synchronized with the car outside the circle, spherical, conical surface, arc surface, steps, cutting groove, embossing, drilling, tapping, die, cutting and other processes, the whole process can be completed in one processing. Automatic lathe

4, dimensional control accuracy is high: machine tool spindle precision up to 0.003mm, slider fine-tuning by the micrometer control, dimensional control accuracy of up to 0.005mm, spindle speed 2000-8000rpm within. The minimum cutting feed can be controlled to 0.005, the roughness of the part (copper parts) can reach ra0.04-0.08.

5, automatic feeding: feeding mechanism to automatically feed the main spindle, the end of the automatic parking alarm, the processing process without manual looking material, to achieve a fully automated manufacturing process. Operator can operate multiple machines at the same time.

6, high production efficiency: the machine tool through the cam control process, the cam every turn to complete a process. Cam Speed 1.0-36/min, can be adjusted according to different processing parts, processing 30 parts per minute, as 5 knives can be cut at the same time, processing efficiency is very high, is the general CNC computer Lathe and instrument lathe incomparable.

7, feeding automation and cutting tool automatic walking are used to control the cam. Cam-type automatic lathe using two kinds of cams: the first is cylindrical shape, the end of its processing into various forms, so that the knife-type automatic lathe cam (bowl/plate) sample

Convex cycle of rotation, through the transmission connecting rod and rocker arm connection, the cam rotation into the turret of the linear movement. This cam is called a bowl-shaped cam, which is mainly used for the axial cutting direction of the machining parts. The other is a circular plate shape, which will be processed into the desired shape, and then through the transmission rod connected with the tool knife, the cam rotation movement into the linear movement of the tool; This cam is mainly used for the radial cutting direction of the workpiece. By synthesizing the left and right sides of the two cams, the tool can be formed in the direction of inclination or curve.

Czech style automatic lathe

Czech-style automatic lathe is a traditional tool-type automatic lathe on the basis of a number of streamlining, removed a knife and tapping part, suitable for doing some no need to attack the teeth of simple products. As a result of streamlining some of the functions, the overall cost will be reduced a lot. So we can provide a more reasonable solution for customers who make simple products for a long time.

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