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Why is stainless steel rusty?

Feb 22, 2018

Why does stainless steel rust? When the stainless steel tube surface brown rust spots (point), people are surprised: that "stainless steel is not rusty, rust is not stainless steel, may be the problem of steel." In fact, this is a lack of understanding of stainless steel a one-sided erroneous view. Stainless steel will rust under certain conditions.

Stainless steel has the ability to resist atmospheric oxidation-that is, not rust, but also in the acid, alkali, salt in the medium is the ability to corrosion-that is, corrosion resistance. However, the corrosion resistance is changed with the chemical composition of the steel itself, the state of protection, the condition of use and the type of environmental media. such as 304 steel pipe, in the dry and clean atmosphere, there is an absolute good resistance to rust, but will move it to the seaside area, in a large amount of salt in the sea fog, will soon rust, and 316 steel pipe is good performance. Therefore, not any kind of stainless steel, in any environment is capable of corrosion, not rust.

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