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Why do small bolts attract attention

Aug 18, 2018

Why do small bolts attract attention?

Small bolts don't look amazing, but the job position is very special. A small bolt plays an important role in the fact that an airplane or a car can be integrated. Imagine that without a small bolt connection, can a large number of components be assembled together?

In this way, the problem will come. People naturally worry that the performance of a bolted aircraft or car is reliable? This is indeed a big issue concerning the safety of people's lives.

For thousands of years, the lessons of mankind in this respect have been extremely profound. In the fields of aviation, aerospace, navigation, construction, bridges, electric power, transportation, etc., the accidents caused by loose bolts or fatigue are numerous, so the loss of life and property is also difficult to estimate.

On August 20, 2007, a Boeing 737-800 passenger aircraft of "China Airlines" exploded after the landing at the Naha Airport in Okinawa. According to the survey results, the fire was caused by a loose screw piercing the fuel tank, and a strong explosion occurred, and the fuselage was burnt and broken. Fortunately, all 165 passengers and crew on board were safely evacuated.

Taiwan’s major newspapers reported on the front page of the "China Airlines" flight explosion

After all, it is a life-saving day, small bolts can not be underestimated! If the state of use of the bolts can be monitored in real time, can similar accidents be largely avoided?

Smart bolts for safety "check"

Almost every family has a simple tool like a wrench that screws once the bolt is loose. This is not a problem for stationary small objects, but it may not be suitable for machines that rotate or move at high speeds.

Let’s take the plane. Some important parts, such as the body and the wing, can endanger the safety of the entire aircraft if the bolts cannot withstand the actual load or if the bolts reach the metal fatigue period.

Why, metal will fatigue? The answer is yes. It turns out that the metal will also experience fatigue after repeated stresses for a long time (see "Why does the seemingly hard metal fatigue?").

So, what kind of performance does the metal have after fatigue? The ability to withstand loads after metal fatigue is greatly reduced. Fatigue metals can break even when subjected to much less stress than normal, compared to metals without fatigue.

Metal fatigue has always been considered one of the culprits of a plane crash. Because metal fatigue damage has the characteristics of sudden burst of time, locality of location and sensitivity to environment and defects, it is not easy to be discovered by people in time. The intelligent bolt can actively sense the data of various force loads inside the bolt and feed it back to the staff. This allows the staff to keep track of the use of the bolts, thus providing a scientific basis for the maintenance and replacement of the bolts, making it possible to eliminate accidents in advance.

Bolts are everywhere, and safety is precious! Let smart bolts be a safe "gate", which is a new bright spot in high-end manufacturing. It is reported that the application market of smart bolts in the field of people's livelihood is very huge, and the market share in basic industries such as electricity, ships, construction and high-speed rail is about 2.5 billion yuan.

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