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What is the working principle of the riveting machine?

Jun 05, 2017

Riveting press is the use of punching machine equipment and special connection mold through a moment of strong high-pressure processing process, according to the plate itself, the material of the cold extrusion deformation, the formation of a certain tensile and shear strength of the stress-free internal mosaic dots, You can different materials of different thickness of two or more layers of plate together. Riveting press on the surface of the board without any requirements, the connection point at the surface of the original plate plating, paint layer is not damaged. The connection process has a high degree of automation, can be connected at one point or more at the same time, can carry out the damage detection and the whole process of automatic damage control, high production efficiency.

No rivet connection technology is a new method of replacing the traditional backward connection process. Because the connection methods used so far have economic and technical deficiencies. We only spot welding, for example, its equipment is expensive, high connection costs, it is difficult to connect multi-layer board and a plating plate or aluminum, copper and stainless steel plate, and the paint plate, Thickness difference between the large plate and the middle of the sandwich plate can not be connected. At the same time, spot welding connection damage the surface of the board coating, will produce thermal deformation. And that all unreliable factors in the connection process can not be automatically detected without damage. In addition, the use of traditional connection methods, single-link connection costs are too high, such as riveting or threaded connection method, the preparation work with the corresponding transport and spare parts costs, it will cause a high cost.

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