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What is the difference between bolts, screws and studs?

Nov 21, 2017

What is the difference between bolts, screws and studs?

1. bolt often refers to the head, big point, such as the outer six angle bolts, etc.;

2. screw set refers to a small point, such as six angle screws, pan head / head / head / Flat Countersunk Head Screws etc.;

3. studs should be no head, can not use the tools.

4. common points: both threaded fasteners.

The following diagram:


Common points: threaded fasteners.

Difference: appearance and form are different. See pictures.


Bolts, nuts, screws, all fasteners. The bolt and nut can be used together, and the screw can be used separately. The difference between bolts and studs is that one end of the bolt has a polygon that can be screwed, and the stud is only threaded with the outer thread on the cylindrical part.

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