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What is set screw ?

Apr 10, 2018

When you are interested in using fasteners, you may encounter something you may not be familiar with. In most cases, these are highly specialized fasteners designed to perform specific functions and are usually sold by a limited number of high quality suppliers. However, just because they are not very common does not mean that you should not understand them.

If you're in an industry that uses a lot of fasteners, it's a good idea to understand some of these rare fasteners because you may find that you really need them to improve the quality of the product. One of the fasteners is a set screw.

What is a set screw?

In short, a set screw is defined as a type of screw that holds one object inside another. For example, when you need to fix a gear to a pulley. In this case, conventional fasteners (such as aluminum hex head screws) may not be ideal because the protruding head may ultimately affect the function of the gear and pulley assembly. However, due to the design of the set screws, it can be embedded in pulleys and gears without any protrusions.

How do you identify one?

The most obvious feature of the fixing screws is that they are usually headless. This kind of fastener, also called a blind fastener, is usually completely threaded on the entire body. Therefore, they are usually installed using a machine called an internal wrench driver or an Allen wrench. In addition, Robertson sockets and slots can also be used to install them. Once in place, the fastener exerts a clamping force that connects the two items together.

Common screw material

The fixing screws can be made of any material that can make conventional fasteners, such as aluminum, titanium, and steel. Therefore, you may need to determine which metal is best for your particular application so that you can obtain the fixing screws made from that material.

Most commonly, the set screws are made of alloy steel. Alloy steel sleeve fixing screws are usually stronger than other types of fixing components and therefore have a longer service life.

Different point types

Fixing screws are designed to have a specific point type, which is the type of tip the fastener has. The tips you choose depend on the quality of the project you wish to achieve. For example, if you want a flat screw, you can get a flat screw. If you want the surface area of the screw tip to be reduced without significant stress, you can also use the cup tip screw. Other point types include domes, cones, knurled cup points, and extension points.

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