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What are the characteristics of round fasteners compared to traditional fasteners?

Jun 05, 2017

Round fasteners compared with the traditional fasteners at least 15% of the material, and safe, beautiful, convenient and practical, so there are a few manufacturers to produce welding round nuts and round bolts, so that they are traditional fasteners Passive fastening, if not a few of these products by welding and other methods fixed to other objects, these round nuts, bolts can not be used as a positive fastener to fasten other objects.

That is, can not be fastened and fastened, it can not become a true sense of the circular fasteners. With the invention of fastener opening technology, round fasteners have entered the commercial stage.

The global open circular fastener tool industry chain will have at least 30 billion yuan per year market share, but also with the popularity of circular fasteners and rapid increase in order to prevent this technology to manipulate the market, artificial delay circle Fasteners to promote the comprehensive, the relevant aspects should be developed as soon as possible measures to deal with the integrity of round fasteners, advanced, practical decision to replace the traditional fasteners become a standard inevitable.

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