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These installation tips make your kitchen cabinet more durable

Apr 08, 2018

When building a kitchen or refurbishing an existing kitchen, most people will pay attention to the types of cabinets they use. In addition to being an excellent storage space, cabinets also play an important role in determining kitchen aesthetics. This means that when they are installed correctly, they are likely to cause the kitchen not only to be easy to use, but also very pleasing.

One thing you may be interested in when installing cabinets is how to ensure that they last for a long time. There are many factors that affect this, and solving them as much as possible will ensure that they last a long time. In order to increase the durability of the cabinet, you should keep in mind some installation tips, including:

Uses fasteners that can withstand weight

When you put the cabinet in place, you need fasteners such as screws and bolts. Make sure that the people you choose have the ability to handle the type of load you are about to accept. For example, Hastelloy Allen screws can be used if mounting the screws in a specific location will subject them to compressive forces. Compared to tension, this material has excellent properties when subjected to such forces. This means that it may not be deformed or deformed in any way.

In addition to selecting fasteners made from suitable materials, make sure that the size of the fasteners is related to the weight of the cabinet support. For example, if you have cabinets that are intended for very heavy items, you will need to use larger fasteners to support the extra weight.

Distribution of fasteners

Another factor that may affect the durability of the cabinet is how the fasteners are dispensed. For example, when the steel hex screws are unevenly distributed, the pressure transmitted from the cabinet to them may also be uneven. Therefore, the fastener may be damaged at an accelerated rate. Therefore, when an excessive pressure is applied to a part of the cabinet, this part of the cabinet may also be damaged. This is especially true for elevated cabinets.

Base quality

When installing fasteners such as screws, a firm support base is usually required. For example, when they drill through a wall, you need to make a pilot hole first to support the cabinet. It is very important to ensure that this pilot hole is sufficiently tight to reduce the play when the screw is in place. This is the main factor that often causes the cabinet to become unstable after a period of time.

These are some installation hints related to fasteners that can help you eventually get a long-lasting cabinet. In addition to increasing the useful life of the cabinets, using them may also make cabinet maintenance cheaper.

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