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The most commonly used nut style

Feb 10, 2018

When you need to use fasteners such as a nickel hex nut and a nitronic 50 flat washer, the last thing you should be mistaken is the type of fastener you end up getting. Many people end up making a mistake when it comes to this, simply because they have no associated product and they buy the task they want to use them. It is very important that you first find out what you will be using the fastener application and then get a type of fastener that fits it, not another way round.

When you go shopping with fasteners such as bolts and nuts, you will find that there are many different types that can meet your needs. When you consider the type of application that you want to use, you can more easily identify the program that best suits you. For example, when it comes to nuts, some of the common styles you'll encounter include:

Acorn Nut

These are also called cap nuts. They designed the way that one end of the nut was covered with a dome to keep the screws covered. They are most often used as nuts for car wheels. When you intend to use these types of nuts, it is important to make sure you know the length of the screws that will protrude above the nuts. This should not be much higher than the total height of the dome, otherwise it will be difficult to put the nut in place.

Square Nuts

The most striking feature of this type of nut is that they have a square body, rather than a rounded or six-sided one. These types of nuts are the most commonly used stationary small items, such as electrical installations. In fact, they are small also mean that they are usually ideal for use in cramped spaces as well.

Wing Nut

These types of nuts have wing-like structures protruding from the body surface. They are designed to make it easier for people to fix or undo their hands. Therefore, these nuts are usually applied in cases where an expected periodic deletion and reinsert. The disadvantage of these nuts is that they are usually not suitable for heavy work because they are usually not strong enough to withstand great power.

Welding Nut

These are designed to have a flat table protruding from the nut surface. As the name suggests, they are usually put in place and then welded. So these are considered permanent nuts.

These are just some nut types that you can meet when you go shopping. There are a lot of rare, you can even ask the supplier to do a custom design for you, if this is necessary. Knowing some common things makes it easier for you to choose the right for you.

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